My Halloween project from last year sparked something inside me. I suddenly started to realize that I loved conceptualizing shoots. From sketching ideas, to making notes constantly and saving images of wardrobe choices and scouting locations. The whole process really inspired me to push the boundaries, and not try to just take pretty photos, but to create art. I never realized that some project would forever change photography for me and the way I create and shoot. With that being said, here are some images from some conceptual shoots I have done over the past year or so. I have now embraced my “weird” side and have affectionately penned the hashtag #getweirdwithwhit and am loving what I have and continue to create by really going for it and not following any rules. 
I am now booking for the fall! Visit the investment page, or contact me below if you’re interested in setting up a session. Be it conceptual or otherwise :)
Thank you!
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